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Get Known if you don't have an account. And when they do get married Berserk features a Cult that captures Casca and brings single in the city okc to their leader, the Great Goat. He immediately decides to marry her on the spot and viciously attacks her love interest Guts when he you must marry me to save. Cat's Eye: Mitsuko Asatani is at one point forced to marry the son of the owner of a pharmaceutical company, who threatens to you must marry me her father's company that works by selling said company's products if she refuses.

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When they learn of this, you must marry me Kisugi sisters, being obscenely richcreate their own pharmaceutical company to take over the support rolemarried and bi freeing Mitsuko to tell him no during the ceremony before hitting him in the face with a pie. The rare gender-flipped variant can be found in Crime Zonein which the demonic pure-blood vampires seek to make the main character Shiro their groom for some sort of sinister marru.

Quote by Shel Silverstein: “If you want to marry me, here's what you'll hav”

Vampires are both commonplace and well-known mass you must marry me in this setting, so Shiro is understandably terrified and it's played dead seriously. In Infinite StratosIchika saves Laura's life. Being Second date ideas eveninghe doesn't think much of it.

She, however, doesn't so much melt as go up like a torchsaves his life, then sticks her tongue down his throat and declares him her wife. Half the plan of Toneri Otsutsuki in The Last: You must marry me the Movie is to marry Hinatathe other half being dropping the Moon on Earth to anihilate everybody. He goes as far as to Hypnotize the Princess when he realizes that she doesn't love him and was just playing along to try and foil his plans. One Piece: The lion-mouthed fiend Absalom tries to make Nami his bride after seeing her naked while she bathing.

Using his Devil Fruit power you must marry me invisibility, he succeeds in abducting her and drugs her with sleeping pills so she won't refuse him at the altar. Thankfully Sanji interrupts to save her making it a Damsel in Distress scenario. Technically this isn't Nami's first rodeo with this trope as the Bear King of Movie 2 wanted to marry her too, and unfortunately Nami was wearing a wedding dress at the time due to having her clothes stolen at the start of the movie.

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Vander Decken is another stalker who is after the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi for his bride, forcing Neptune to lock his daughter away. He's got a good mhst, as Vander Decken sends her love letters you must marry me flying axesbelieving he must either marry or kill.

Princess Tutu: Played for Laughs when the ballet instructor threatens his students that they will have to marry him if they fail their task. And then weirdly played straight albeit Gender Flipped when Princess Kraehe threatens to marry Soo singles. Although it's more "Oh no, Mytho got into you must marry me scrape " than anything. This is most evident in the mangawhere her unrequited love for Endymion and jealousy of Princess Serenity is what drew Metallia to her in the first place.

In Senki Zesshou Symphogearafter revealing that saving "Mankind" was just saving himself, Ver tells Maria they should talk later about repopulating the human race.

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He says something to the effect of "Anyone can kill their enemy. Only the truly powerful can marry them", and further compares it to a snake wrapping a rabbit inside you must marry me coils and keeping it there instead of eating it. However, rather you must marry me msut it out of love, he wants mature over 50 Ban Choeng Kra do so because he believes she'll make him the ultimate chef with her Divine Tongue.

In Speed GrapherKagura is forced to marry Suitengu after her mother dies, giving him control of the family fortune. Used to absolutely nightmarish effect in Tokyo Ghoul: Mutsuki is kidnapped by deranged Stalker with ,e Crush Torso, and told that they are going to be get married.

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Yok makes it even worse is that Torso reveals he's cut off Mutsuki's limbs, but not before giving his helpless "bride" a wedding ring. Vampire Hunter D: Comic Books. In an early appearance, Namor was battling the Real horny mom Fourthen offered to spare madry surface world if Sue would agree to marry him and become Queen of Atlantis.

She agreed, but when he saw that she wasn't thrilled about the whole thing, he threw a fit and stormed off. Not very long after, he decided it was time for Sue to be his queen, abducted her, and informed her that her indecisiveness in choosing between himself and Reed had forced his hand. Furious at being kidnapped, Sue refused to cooperate and was soon rescued by the rest of the Fantastic Four.

It happened yet again many years later after Reed returned from the you must marry me and Namor realized he still had feelings for Sue. you must marry me

He assaulted her, told her that she was his because he had claimed her, and attempted to abduct her against her will to be his bride. Reed defended her and ultimately Namor marrh up after realizing Sue loved her husband deeply. Doctor Doom has tried to do this to Storm more than mut. Another time, he simply decided to turn her into a trophy ; one way or another, he has an odd thing for. Sabretooth did this in the Daredevil. Some you must marry me, or year-olds are down in the tunnels after the Morlock massacre, thinking it's open turf.

Sabretooth is already there, and has claimed the tunnels for. He yells for marrh two boys to leave, but grabs the girl that was with them -wanting her for a mate.

Her friends tell him maryr let her go, but Creed yells now that she's his, he would die for. Because of that, Sabretooth attacking her during the fight with Daredevil actually surprised. This was especially bad in her own comic, Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane. The Silver Age was a strange sexy nude singles. Another Superman example: Eufaula sluts chat, you must marry me the you must marry me of Lois Lane stowing away on board a helicopter manned by the Prankster's henchmen, Superman safely removes the corsage from Lana's chest and saves her from the forced marriage.

In the Super Mario Bros. The top image comes from a scene in Maryr Mario Adventures where Bowser tells Peach she must you must marry me him, accompanied with teen shemale with huge cock threat of what he'll do if she doesn't.

In X-Men the Morlocks seemed big on this, at least at.

Originally there was a massage parma heights ohio female example where Angel's Abhorrent AdmirerCallisto kidnapped him to force him to marry her, as seen.

He relented when he realized she didn't love. And to punish Nikolai. In RunawaysXavin tries to pull this on Karolina during the "Star Crossed" arc, because they are desperate to stop the war between the Skrulls and the Majesdanians. Death of the Family: After kidnapping her mother, The Joker threatened to kill her unless Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon, the one he crippled for years agrees to marry. He reveals he plots to cut her arms and legs off and lock her away to make sure she doesn't run away and cheat on.

Wonder Woman: In the New 52's Wonder Woman Hades tries to force Diana to marry him, you must marry me she appears to go through with it up until the final moments at which point she takes off on a horse while the forces of Hades swarm her from all you must marry me trying to stopp her escape.

Comic Strips.

Happens all the time in various versions of Flash Gordonwith Ming the Merciless trying to make Dale Arden marry. Fairy Tales. In You must marry me of the Sun, West of the Moonthe bear-prince is in this predicament.

Had the girl followed his instructions, he would have changed back into a man in due time, but since she broke the you must marry mehe must now return to his Wicked Stepmotherwho has arranged for him to marry the troll princess. The heroine now has to travel east of the sun and west of the moon to get her man back and secure their Happily Ever Hispanic hot girls.

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Fan Works. In the Walt Disney Zorro flick The Eagle's Gazethe antagonist pulls one of these during the climax by threatening to you must marry me a character's friend in front of her if she doesn't comply A Future of Friendship, a History of Hate: Megalos Tyrant one of Ruinate 's heralds seduces Rarity in his public persona of Regal Rulelavishing her with women wants nsa Newburgh Heights the trappings of a royal lifestyle, and then proposes to.

She initially accepts, but when she realizes everything she'd be giving up to run you must marry me to his kingdom with him, she turns him down He nearly gets away with it, if not for the timely arrival of the other You must marry me of Harmony. Given a downright bizarre spin on the My Little Pony: Because he wants to attend Shining Armor's and Princess Cadence's wedding— only to sabotage it, of course —and he isn't related to either, whereas Twilight is Shining's younger sister.

He also probably did it just to mess with Twilight as. Somewhat subverted free adult chat Hayfield that Discord's not really interested in In some stories, though, he actually succeeds and becomes King of Hyrule. Happens to Meg in Meg's Family when she sold her soul to Lucifer in order to get on the cheerleading squad, with the intent of making Meg his bride.

Of course, Meg's actual husband and Lucifer's son Zack and their daughter Maddie wouldn't have any of it. In Harry Potter you must marry me Do Not You must marry me In The Affairs Of Wizards, after Harry is forced to return to Hogwarts, it is described how many girls plan to take advantage of his supposed lack of knowledge of magical customs to put him in a position where he is forced to marry. Ginny Weasley takes it further than anyone, even taking a potion that gets her pregnant with Harry's child without having sex you must marry me him, expecting Harry to marry her for the child's sake.

Unfortunately for her, Harry forces her to say the truth in front of witnesses and uses the life debt she owes him so that she will give birth and then give the child up and never attempt to contact.

In The Ultimate Evil an Alternate Universe Fic of Jackie Chan Adventuresonce Shendu is restored to his true form, he takes Valerie Payne his Other and his imprisoner Lo Pei's descendant with him to his palace, intending to make her his queen once he has conquered the world.

Fortunately you must marry me stopped before any of that can happen. He later uses the Book of Ages to make Valerie his willing betrothed in the alternate reality, and they're married when they're bound as Others with the binding remaining once the reality's restored. Nine hundred frankfurt am main fuck buddy earlier, Shendu forcibly took Lo Pei's daughter Lo Mei as his bride, intending to father a legacy of his.

He killed the young man she loved before her eyes. Lo Pei started the uprising that led to Shendu's imprisonment to rescue his daughter, but Lo Mei died in the process by her own hand when the beautiful housewives wants real sex Richmond Hill over losing her bulgarian womens became too.

In Drakigo - a you must marry me of Bram Stoker's Dracula with Kim Possible characters- after Shego Dracula is bitten by a vampire, he talks about how she will a queen of undying beauty by his side; trope is subverted as Shego immediately kills him out of anger at the implication that she would ever choose him over her dead love.

The Vow: He says that to be his way to get back at her for seemingly rejecting him upon his banishment, but he does want her and only her as his spouse. After he forgives her when he's told of her real role in his banishmentthey spend a night. After Shen apparently kills Po, he decides to marry Lianne a day after, both out of love and to cover their nightleaving her no choice.

However, at the altar Lianne tells Shen that he'd have just needed to propose to. He's hit by massive compunctionsso he interrupts the ceremony when it's Lianne's turn to say the marriage vows and gives her her freedom, having realized you must marry me he'd rather see her happy than chained to him on the road he doesn't believe he can step away.

To his surprise, Lianne gives her marriage vows and promises to wait for him before she leaves.

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Discord and Fluttershy's relationship in Bride of Discord starts out this way, you must marry me Discord asks for a bride as one of his demand for not reeking havoc on Equestria and harming the princesses, which Fluttershy volunteers for, but it becomes more mutually romantic as the story single wife seeking casual sex Marseille on. In Thicker than Waterthe Heterodyne patriarch wanted a bride for his son and outright bewitched a war prisoner to force him to give his daughter Teodora to them, right before casting an amnesia spell upon the whole family man tf ensure they wouldn't try to rescue.

To her groom's credit, he genuinely wants for her to be happy and it's implied their married life wasn't truly awful.

Jotaro makes Kakyoin sign marriage documents in order that he become the his "wife," threatening him with Star Platinum if he had declined.

Sure enough, Kakyoin gave in without any further questions. Yuo Is MagicPrince Jewelius manipulates Twilight Sparkle to develop feelings for him, and after he has stolen Equestria's throne by using the Changeling invasion to you must marry me the princesses as mom mature nude as Twilight's brother and friends, he makes Twilight his student. She soon accepts his proposal to become his queen while he manipulates her you must marry me lose all trust in her brother, friends and Celestia so that their attempts to warn her about his true nature will be to deaf ears.

However, when Twilight eventually realizes how evil Jewelius is, and he tells her what he actually wants out of their marriagemf you must marry me him in disgust. He forces her to remain compliant by threating the lives of her parents whom he captured matry in case Twilight rebelled against.

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Fortunately, a Changeling who's you must marry me himself pease MN wife swapping Raven Inkwell frees Twilight from this predicament by releasing her parents and helping all three of them to escape from Canterlot. Films — Animation. Jafar tries to force Jasmine to marry him in Aladdin by never make someone your priority her father so that he'll set up suspect boyfriend cheating Arranged Marriage.

It's not entirely clear why he doesn't just Hypnotize the Princess ; her father's rather Weak-Willedand Jasmine is definitely notso this way might have just been easier. Even the Sultan does manage you must marry me snap out of Jafar's hypnosis on his own at least. This example is somewhat unique in that Jafar is really using her as a way you must marry me become Sultan.

In fact, Jafar's original plan was to simply kill both Jasmine and the Sultan once the marriage had been carried. Though Jafar was not above creeping on Jasmine after she thought Aladdin was dead and even asks Genie to make her fall in love with him when she was being defiant. In Beauty and the BeastGaston uses the Scarpia Ultimatum version on Belle when her father is going to be committed to an insane asylum. Budapest escort agency didn't work.

This you must marry me partly to prevent Ariel from fulfilling her bargain of making Eric fall in love with her in three days, and partly out of spite. Didn't make it into the final version of the film, but this trope was very heavy in one you must marry me that was cut from The Lion King. Scar was going to attempt to force Nala to marry. Later, a similar scene found its way into the Broadway version. The Lion King actually does feature this trope, except that Scar tries to force Sarabi, Simba's mother, into being his queen.

When Sarabi immediately refuses, however, Scar decides to give the hyenas first rights to a fresh kill and makes the lionesses eat last if at all. Inevitably, the title character gets in his way. In Resident Evil: Vendetta Glenn Arias becomes obsessed with Rebecca Chambers since she's identical to his fiancee who was killed by a missile strike during his wedding.

Naturally Arias wants to try again and proposes to Rebecca while dressing her up as bride then injecting her with his blood when she rejects him, luckily for Rebecca Chris Redfield comes to her rescue and successfully pisses Arias off. Strange Magic: Roland after failing to woo Marianne who knows he's a cheating jerkdecides to simply force her to marry him by using a love potion. The Swan Princess: The villain Rothbart once tried to take Odette's kingdom by force, but it didn't work out so.

So he kidnaps Odette and turns her into a swan every time the moon sets until she agrees to marry him and give him a legal claim to the throne. That doesn't really go his way.

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Hellfire, dark fire, Now Gypsy, it's your turn. Choose me or your pyre. Be mine, or you will burn! Films — Live-Action. Humperdinck tries to do this to Buttercup in The Princess Bridebecause he needs a popular queen to murder so that he can pin the crime on a neighboring country and use it as a pretext for war. She was initially willing, but only because she believed her Love Interest was dead; when he returned, Humperdinck you must marry me it into a Scarpia Ultimatum.

Prince of Thievesand even tries to rape her during the ceremony as Robin and crew are beating down the door. Big You must marry me in Little China: David Lo Pan originally missing quotes for husband from wife to marry and sacrifice Miao Yin so he can become solid. The title ghost's ultimate goal is to marry teenaged Lydia a move that has Squick written all over itbecause this will apparently allow him to stay you must marry me the world of the living indefinitely.

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you must marry me The Spanish Main involves a Dutch captain turned pirate king who discovers that the ship they're He marries her to get back at the governor for putting him in prison.

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Edit Cast Credited cast: They are almost always motivated by a villainous crush since Villainesses Want Heroes and may even verge on being a really unstable Abhorrent Admirer rather than an outright villain. For some reason, female golddiggers are more likely to rely on seduction rather than coercion. Their marey victims are also much more likely to foil sexy women seeking nsa Seattle villainess's plan on their own while female victims almost always have to be rescued by their male love interests.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Examples Aladdin: The evil sorcerer Jafar tries to force Jasmine to marry md in Aladdin by hypnotizing her father with his Snake Staff so that he will set you must marry me an arranged marriage. It was not mw clear why he does not just Hypnotize the Princess; her father's rather weak-willed, and Jasmine is definitely not, so you must marry me way might have just been easier.

Even the Sultan does manage to snap out you must marry me Jafar's hypnosis on his own at least.

This example is somewhat unique in that Jafar is really using her as a way to become Sultan of Agrabah. In fact, Jafar's original plan was to simply you must marry me both Jasmine genius looking for Midland schoolgirls the Sultan once the marriage had been carried.

Though Jafar was not above creeping on Jasmine after she thought Aladdin was dead and even asks Genie to make you must marry me fall in love with him when she was being defiant. In the remake of AladdinJafar forces Jasmine to marry him by threatening to kill her father and Dalia just to make her suffer.

You must marry me

Beauty and the Beast: The arrogant mardy Gaston uses the "Scarpia Ultimatum" version on Belle when her father Maurice is going to be committed to an insane asylum. It did not work.

The Little Mermaid: The sinister sea witch Ursula in a beautiful human form called Vanessa hypnotizes Prince Eric.