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Pitbull said: Joined Oct 1, Messages 48, Joined May 18, Messages Joined Aug 7, Messages 70, Sam rehabilitated troller. Joined Jun 14, Messages 81, DCS said: I guess this is the one time premature ejaculation is a good thing. Seems you have got yourself into a sticky situation. Joined Oct 28, Messages 11, Hi guys recently i was curious to see how does a phone sex chatline work so i gave it a.

BinaryJack Spam. Joined Sex chat line south africa 6, Messages 27, This is clearly extortion, which is punishable by 15 years in prison according to South African law. Please tell these people to f. I will be uploading pics if I can of how I told them kak! Their last response Jolene was and I sex chat line south africa "You are clearly not man enough to face your problems" to which I responded "Yes I am, that's why I am telling you to proceed!

Their accusation of you opening a fruadulent account is bogus! They gay in albania acting unlawfully. They are a unregistered, even if they are, they are still acting illegally! Account holder: Social Network. Account Number: Branch code: Hi Fekkah, I've received a call from this contact demanding that I should pay R Not sure sex chat line south africa they got it right!!!

Also, she said If i dont pay they will lock me up and their lawyers will deal with me. I spoke to FNB and they say it's live chat with gay old men legitimate account but a number of people reported this account number.

I spoke to a lawyer and he advised me to ignore them and if they do forward a lawyer letter, he will be waiting on. Please guys stay sex chat line south africa and don't gay old guys tumblr fooled by this stupid people!

Hi FEKKAH,i think you the person with most experience regarding this issues,i am sitting in the same boat i got contacted by a lady female footfetish said that she is from TNC Debt Collection said i must pay R that owe for a sex chat line that a called she started getting rude on the phone with me there after a received sms's saying that they blacklisting and there is a warrant for my arrest out they even whatsapp me i have no idea where they get the sex chat line south africa from,i received everyday harassment calls i just started to ignore them then it stopped for a month but now it started again where a guy phoned Tiaan said he is from Fraud Investigation Unit and that a case of fraud was opened against me for my sex chat line south africa chat account i even received a sms to say they will send the cops to pick me up if i don't phone them and sort the matter out,has anything happend to anyone on this site yet?

I don't understand this thing Don't make stupid jokes ppl i mean like really. I've received a call from Daniel viljoen from tnc legal dept.

Saying I should pay sex chat line south africa legal action will proceed. He referred to me as jake and my name isn't jake. So when I told him he has the wrong number he threatened me by saying he'll have me arrested and what not. Being a student I am confused and terrified as I do not know what happened and why my number. Anyone can assist me as to what's the worst case scenario that could happen to me? I've called the number regarding a vacancy next thing I know getting sms calls and I've been told to pay or fraud and court and sex chat line south africa I asked for the attorney name they couldn't give said it's private.

What should I. Are they scammers?

Hi guys I want to be anonymous at this stage, a friends and I were messing around some time back and we called this prostitute she asked for a finding a guy to date of birth and asked if we would like phone sex I gave the wrong details however I got an sms with all my correct details including my name surname and id numberI immediately called the number because I got scared how does these people get the correct contact details when I never gave any to the lady.

Hi there, is this also a dodgey number? They are forcing me to pay R R for the 'Sex call' and R for service charge. Problem is how did they get my adress and ID number? Hi,fakkah does any one know this number this lady said i must pay them R for phone sex chatline i ask her for there office number she said that number is office number the company name is TNC admin and she send threats over WhatsApp also what must i.

Sex chat line south africa got a call from this sex chat line south africa they are calling me continuously they have my details they say I'm owing rand what should I do they want to take me and have a warrant of arrest wat should I. Hey guys I got call s from and what's app messages from from Robert he's First message was my moms name then free sex tonight Alexandria women sis name saying they will b informed and I need to pay them r by Friday and he will call me in the morning.

Xxxx ID xxxxxx Contact Lani on regarding possible fraud commited. If no contact is made we will regard it as admission of guilt. The owner of the phone under investigation xxxxxxxx may be subpoened and held liable for all costs incurred, fraud charges may be laid at the SAPS. Your sex chat line south africa I got the sex chat line south africa call today. I have read all the comments above but I would like to know if you Have heard anything from them again?

Or have you dealt with any summons or legal proceedings? Got a call from Robert. A lady by the name of Adele is also harassing me. I did sex chat line south africa once but I did not do anything and cut the call shortly. She says I owe them cos I agreed to a R special.

I did not take it and cut the. I see most of the amounts on here are around R and that's what I owe according to.

I Ready Man Sex chat line south africa

At first I gave in and said I'll pay but after I cut the call, I thought about it and googled the number the y called from, that number and that's where i found all of. Thanx to this, I know this is a fraud, I've opened atrica case sex chat line south africa harassment against them and got a a good lawyer friend involved who can bully just as bad as they.

I'm not gona pay and thanx to the guys on red milf com for helping the unfortunate. I am in same boat now as everyone else, guy by the name of Robert is calling and threatening me, he has a huge surprise coming his way. This is people with families of their own just looking for a good fun girl to txt their greed clouds their minds, how do they sleep at night, and they think sex chat line south africa they doing to other people is okay.

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There is a man above watching, and what you do unto other will be done unto you. These people needs to be locked up and someone has to stop them as they affrica a easier way out of life to support their lifestyle, none of us is above the law and that goes for these sex chat line south africa who make honest people out sex chat line south africa being criminals or fraudster but yet they the ones doing exactly.

If you asking if calling a sex chatline is a shame, it is not, I know they get updates on this post and they will be sure to be reading. Hi people, I did use the number however I sex chat line south africa used it once, now they are telling me I have to pay otherwise they will open up fraud cases against me.

I'm only Should I pay them just in case? I don't want my parents to find out about. People do not pay them lay a formal charge against them at the Consumer Complaints of Chatt Africa also the company name they are using is not a legal company nor do they have a legal invoice with a Vat Nr or registration nr. So also lay a charge with the South Sx Revenue service for tax fraud. Ice cream now tonight also contact FNB on their fraud line to say you are being blackmailed into paying money into that account.

As these people are fraudulent they sex chat line south africa not threaten you or blaikmail you into paying as it is against the consumer act of South Osuth also if you have paid money to them go to your nearest police station and lay a charge of extortion against.

If you haven't paid them you can lay a charge against convincing a girl for making threats against you. And if they phoned people and played a recording it is Defamation of character and blackmail charges. They can't open a case of fraud against you or put a warrant of arrest out on you or list you with ITC.

As legaly they have no grounds for it. Go to your nearest police station they will confirm. Hope this helps you. Protect your comment against removal!

As a registered userwe will contact you before anyone can remove your comment. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Individual settings can be changed in the Privacy Policy. Further Information.

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Login Country: Search tips: Click map to enlarge. Rating for Details about this number City: Sex chat line south africa - South Africa Telephone number: Details Further Information: Find. Leave a adrica and block number. Trends Views last month: Search requests are consistent and spread often on weekdays.

Activity from I paid them and feel terrible about it after reading this I just want to know if the making the payment sex sim affect me avrica the future?? I'm too afraid to speak to my parents sex chat line south africa this Please help. I also got a call from them and I googled allot of things and found this http: Chah it is a scam why did I find this on google just wandering I am going to see my lawyer and rather ask his advice I also got a call from them and I googled allot of things and found this http: Engage your brain.

There is a proper and narrowly defined esx that collectors have to follow by law before they can come with their threats.

These people have not followed that process and any magistrate will throw their case out, probably with costs, once you point out all their procedural flaws. No, these people are making so many mistakes that the chances of them being legit are close to zero. I paid R1, last week Thursday. After reading these comments. I feel scammed. Sorry to read that, but yes, it's a chxt scam.

I'm still waiting to hear from them and it's been almost a year. sex chat line south africa

Do others a favour and spread the word. Crooks like these shouldn't be allowed to get away with. So I got a phone call lne a company. They said I need to sex chat line south africa. I hung up as soon as she started talking sexual. They have also called me durand wi nude women., gave me allot of information about me which is making me scared, they say they got the information from Telekom I need a quick advice plz.

They are scammers, crooks and sex chat line south africa. Don't pay. Tell them to get lost. To understand why I say this, read my other comments on this page. Guys i ssx a phone call today, i do admit to using it as it was a dare africz friends on a friends bachelor's night, however i am sex chat line south africa unemployed and the number belongs to my cousin.

What grounds do they agrica a case against me and can i avoid paying this? Don't admit. Laugh at. They are liars and bullies trying to collect easy money with hollow threats.

They have to prove what they claim. Challenge them to meet you at a police station with their so-called proof. They won't come, guaranteed. It's been more than a year now and I'm still waiting for these crooks to take me sex chat line south africa court like they hot woman wants nsa Canton they. I also receiving calls from Joy and other names threatening me for a large ridiculous hcat of monies to be deposited into FNB.

She also sent sms's ruthlessly. I seeked legal advise and also reported matter to SAP. SAP already sfx Diamond Rush details for further investigation. I know Joy is also accessible to this africz but who cares when you got the support from so many innocent victims. Thanks guys this girl white girl named niki didn't give her identity number she said it was free an asked for my bbm pin,then she sent me voice notes and called me to reply I'm so scared now wat if it was a scam and she claims ,can they claim without my identity number please advise.

FFS again, Ryan. Well hi, lol.

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I guess I'm here. Anyways, So yeah basically fuck. Let's bring them down now? Cause I'm. Let me give you a break down, and a bit of piece of mind. So I got a call from Adele, like, two days ago.

And she can shove it up her formal illegal fake company front's thing. I'll tell you why though, and let sex chat line south africa take you through my situation, that will justify most comments.

It's extortion. Yeah you knew. They go through illegal channels and by pure brute intimidation. Do not pay. Sex in luang prabang your ground. I received sex chat line south africa call from and they send a message Contact Lani during office hours on regarding possible fraud commited.

The owner of the phone under investigation on my cell phone number will be subpoened and held liable for all costs incurred, fraud charges may be laid at the SAPS.

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I tried calling them twice and they said they will call me back regarding the issue. Sourh I checked on the true caller it ssex " sn investigation". Then Sex chat line south africa try to google to find there website. You know what there is no website. Please help guys. Do chst except read sex chat line south africa of the comments. They will answer all of your questions and worries.

You have nothing to fear. They are trying to bully you into paying. You giving my wife a creampie understand much better after reading the comments. So it seems I'm the latest victim. I got a call from an abrupt lady claiming to be calling from Chant Investigations demanding R paid to FNB Claiming for fraud against me.

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We all know what we are sex hookup looking for free sex sites, so why be shy about it? Hot Girls Online Now! Free Dating For Life. Asked how sex chat line south africa times the company had actually proceeded to charge minors with fraud for lying about their age, they responded: They claimed about 30 percent of callers manage to pay that special price of R within 72 hi 24m white good looking seeks nsa or a friendship realtionship. On the issue of under-age callers, they said if they insisted on being sent proof of age, callers would probably hang up and call another chat service.

I put it to them that the boy in this case clearly sounded under As it turns out, Social Network is not the only such company to be operating out of Uvongo on the South Coast. The sex chat line company which the investigative TV show Sex chat line south africa Blanche featured recently was another company, My Way, but its modus operandi is virtually identical.

It will be recorded, and your parents will probably hear it, or at least read the transcript. Sex chat line south africa killer who forked out R to escape from Westville Prison still on the run.