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Tor 07, Hi, all, I'm currently reading Sanderson's The Way of Kings, which includes complex, nuanced father-son relationships, and I've read other series with equally well written mother-daughter and father-daughter relationships.

But that leads me to wonder if it's just my reading, or if there're spanish strippers few looking for moms fanasty relationships in fantasy fiction. Do any come to mind? This is a very interesting question.

I went through the books I've read over the past few years and looking for moms fanasty a few things. First, a lot of the books are read have female leads. Second, a lot of them don't really talk about parents that much at all.

Third, you're right. There are not an abundance of mother-son relationships. Of the last few years I've only read two that come close. A Game of Thronesand the relationships in that book are not functional. And She Looking for moms fanasty and Cub.

The child in that book wasn't even her kid. She kind of kidnapped him for his own good and takes care of. I'm curious to see what other folks have to say.

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Funny, this thread mentions exacty what Looking for moms fanasty been thinking about my current book: I've found it well done in this book and can't remember any similar relationships. Ah yes, without the "u", thanks for looking it up!

They are both interesting if completely dysfunctional. Furies of Calderon. Interesting question.

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It does seem inexplicably rare in books. Terminator 2, Thor: The Dark World, Star Trek 2: Hmm, mostly sequels or Brad Bird movies.

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Supernatural hit the "mom and sons" theme really hard the last couple seasons when Mother Winchester was resurrected from the dead. Beverly Crusher on ST: Maureen Robinson from Lost in Space.

Dune and Game of Thrones were the first ones that came to my mind. Although she's mostly offscreen in the first one, don't the Miles Vorkosigan novels get into this?

I suspect a lot of YA books get into this, but that's outside my area of reading. Trike wrote: She sure does write a lot of mothers. I probably wouldn't call that series "fantasy". David wrote: Shh, don't tell.

Nov 08, Garth Nix 's Abhorsen trilogy also has one, but it only appears in the last two books: Lirael and Abhorsen. Am wrote: Percy Jackson!

I've read most of those aloud to my son. Nov 20, Travis wrote: Go find Tanith Lee's first trilogy.

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You want mother-son, you get it. Nov 21, MC is sent to a different country to avoid looking for moms fanasty at home, but his parents are worried about how the new culture will loojing him and his values. You can see how the MC respects his mother and struggles not cor disappoint her as he feels himself changing. I read this at least once a year.

It's a prequel, so I already loved the MC coming military dating website free it, so I don't know how others would find it.

Moms: Your Fantasy About Running Away Is Totally Normal | Time

There's also some truly awful cover art in some versions, haha. But I think you're right about it dor something not commonly depicted in fantasy. I'm also curious about the ones that do exist--are they varied or do they follow a similar vein?

I've been thinking some more and the others I can think of are more often considered looking for moms fanasty books, like The Crystal Mask by Katherine Roberts.

The mother-son relationship is really important in this one, as the MC finds out who his mother is in a place where the norm is not to know your parents' identity.

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Looking for moms fanasty

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