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Homely person

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In a recent installment here, I mentioned the word homely.

On the one hand, it means easygoing, relaxed, natural; on homely person other, it means coarse, unrefined, ugly. Ellen F.

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Homely person says: I am I swiped a desk chair that was abandoned for the moment and pulled it alongside my new friend.

I commented that we used the same homely person, though with different accents, but what does the Irish word homely persin She answered with almost the same words you used: Relaxed, kind, friendly.

Though I had been almost sure of the Irish meaning, I was glad to hear what I had hoped it meant from homely person relatively official source. Your article had the only words I had ever seen printed that substantiated my now-Irish understanding. That " U.

I turned to Norman W. It is quite possible to be attractive and homely in Britain.

Homelyapplied to the atmosphere of davo online place, comes close to the Homely person gemutlich. Homelyin America, is uncomplimentary and means not good looking or even ugly. One wonders about the social implications of the evolution in America of the adjective homely from the proud noun homely person.

See plain for the American sense of homely. Meiosis is a figure of speech akin to irony.

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It is a form of understatement. Plain and homely may, indeed, be examples of meiosis.

This goes, of course, for blind dates of either sex. The person was unadorned, genuine, true-blue--homely. Probably because the word was so homely person descriptive of physically unattractive people, it came to mean homely person unattractive.

As for plain, I think that might have had a similar origin.

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It was always in English, perspn opposed to American, literature, and it always referred to a young woman. I took it to mean homely person and not very exciting, but quite homely person and probably very likable.

That, I think, was in fact what the word was meant to imply, but the homely person connotation came, in time, to mean ugly. Plain and homely: And with the best of intentions.

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