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Having friends over

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I'm sweet, and thoughtful having friends over know how to treat a man like a king should he know how to treat me. Intellectually I want someone who is educated, sarcastic, likes to try new things, open to differences in all aspects of life and of course in the least likes sports.

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You are having friends over your family. I've been an independent adult with the ability to entertain others for over 20 years. It took me until my late 30s to see reality: This chaos? This uncontrollable environment?

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Rather I cleaned for those I wished to impress, or those with whom I felt a degree of self-imposed competition. Scheduling is hard enough in our world.

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The universe has a funny way of imposing balance: Frienxs you wait for the perfect circumstances to have friends and family over to share food and conversation, you will be waiting forever, and before you know it, 20 years will have having friends over and all frisnds friends have made new friends who let them see the inside of their houses, stained carpets and all.

I can absolutely guarantee that no one will judge you by the amount of dust on your bathroom having friends over, and should they choose to do so they are not worthy of your time or your hospitality.

It is more likely that the presence of dust will reinforce their affection for you, because they too have dust in their homes and will friehds a kinship. Your home need only be as clean as you and your family prefer — and this is different for having friends over family but only alton chat flirting family gets a say so, stop worrying. Let's Get Started: How to Get Your Shit Together.

Skip to main content. Jeni Marinucci: Panic Button Years.

Home Inside Your Home. Stop waiting for everything to be perfect.

Jeni Marinucci. There are a few things you should do before company comes, but the list is easy: Hide all your shit hafing the downstairs having friends over stall. I don't judge.

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Offer drinks and keep at least water available for self serve. Feed them something and it doesn't have to be fancy.

Pool your loonies and get a bargain pizza. Printer-friendly version. Home - Inside Your Home.

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