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Damn need to get off

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DDD Choo-Choo Train Clown Bastard Child Disco Minge neef Anything else about its history? Googling gets me lots and lots of uses, mostly political, but nothing useful.

Urban Dictionary: take off the damn jacket

Maybe an old Dennis the Menace strip? Well, it was something that was actually said. When I was kid.

On some old person's damn lawn. Even as a kid, my friends and I would mockingly use that phrase. It's going to be tough to find a first usage from which it spread, because it's a common childhood experience.

My earliest recollection of it being said to me in the late s by a crotchety old geezers. Probably, like Fuzzy Skinner, because I was a damned kid and I was on their lawn.

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I'm going to suggest that this phrase's origin is literally legion. It's probably as old as the hills. I remember it being said to me xamn the 80's.

Damn need to get off

Some mean old lady said it to me right around this time of year as I dropped a banana peel on her lawn come on, it's biodegradable. Since it was trash night, her cans were. I asked if I could put it in her trash then, she damn need to get off "no! Ened, instead of grabbing your phone, talking to strangers while your date is in the bathroom.

Here's an App that Tells You When to Get Off Your Damn Phone - VICE

No doubt, humanity gets less practice interacting face-to-face than we did when Seinfeld was on the air, but artist and designer Ekene Ijeoma envisions damn need to get off world where we stare at screens a little. Charlie Brooker and the Black Mirror crew are experts in turning damn need to get off the dial on reality to expose how ridiculous our world really is.

In this particular episode, Bryce Dallas Howard plays a young woman who is desperate to improve her social standing in a world where every interaction is scored on a one to five scale. Individuals with overall ratings above arbitrary levels like 4.

The purpose of the episode is to show how close we already are to creating this type of world. Btw, please grt this post. I need your social approval.

Why We All Need to Get Off Our Damn Phones | Business Book Reviewer

geh If you want to post something because you think it will benefit others, do it. I was frustrated watching people on their phones in Hawaii because I knew how much they were missing by looking at their narrow little screens.

A beautiful world surrounded them, but they were missing it. In some way, I think we miss out on the real world everyday.

We have stopped paying attention to the beauty of nature. We no longer embrace the serendipity of interactions with strangers.

Damn need to get off I Am Search Teen Fuck

We fail to cultivate boredom and the creativity that sometimes comes with it. I do this because I would hate to miss out on a minute of potential productivity.

However, what do we miss by retreating to our phones in those instances?

Sometimes the cost is a few needed moments of relaxation slowing down, breathing, meditating, clearing your head.