Divine Politiks

One of the priviledges of being a tarot reader is that you never know what might come your way. Sure… There’s the usual questions about love and work and whatever, but once in a while, something comes along that leads you to an interesting experience.
Yesterday, someone asked me to read him the cards. He was doing his daily prayers to Saint Michael, when he was, according to him, rudely interrupted by this goddess he had recently started working with. A tibetan goddess called Kurukulla, that according to what I could find on the internet is a goddess of love and desire. Sensing there was something odd about this whole behaviour, he wanted to know why was she behaving like that.

Here’s what the cards had to say:

In the consultant position, we have the Sun card, with a child with open arms underneath the Sun. Someone that’s under the protection of the Sun would be an immediate reasoning. A child? Maybe in spirit, if not in body. There’s no worries here. Everything seems to be rolling just fine. Across it, there’s the Hanged Man, with the child hanging upside down. There’s still a golden circle across his head, but it has diminuished. Maybe it’s loosing importance? And above, the first hint to our answer, the Emperor. This card is all about fighting for what one believes. And fighting to win. So, maybe this Kurukulla deity is fighting the Sun for my client’s attention. And with the Emperor card, she does seems determined to get him to swich sides. A fight to win, no matter what.
That Hanged Man then seems to indicate that she feels herself a better fit for my client than the Sun / Saint Michael. Almost like she’s telling him “you’ll get better results with me. Come over to my side.” But that would mean that my client would loose the Sun’s protection (the diminuished halo on the Hanged Man’s head as opposed to the one on the Sun card), and by doing so, he could be opening a whole can of worms. So, why was she doing this?
The horizontal line Sun / Hanged Man might provide an answer: they used to function together, but then things gout sour. Work, perhaps… maybe love. Or something got in between them. Whatever the case, things fell apart. The Emperor on top would suggest that she wants to prove herself better, so maybe it was the Sun that changed his mind. The diminuishing halo around the Hanged Man’s head could also point to that. So it wouls seem that she sees this as a chance to rise in the Sun’s eyes. Rise in importante or in attention (shown in the Judgement card).
So, why would my client be better with a deity that’s doing something out of spite? Most probably he wouldn’t be. He’d loose his current relashionship with the Sun entity, trading it for something that doesn’t have any warranties. His best choice of action would then to 1. Continue with Saint Michael and simply let go of Kurukulla; 2. Trying to figure out how to deal with both parts accordingly. The Emperor card, with a scepter and an orb on each hand seems to point out that option #2 is possible, just as long as he keeps things seperated and maintains a strong control over the situation. Otherwise, it’s door number 1 for him. In either case, things should resolve quickly.

I honestly never expected to see such a human situation with such a divine matter. Gods behaving like humans. We look to them for guidance and we find our own behaviour reflected back to us. And if that’s the case, what then is their purpose? I keep going back to a phrase i read somewhere about how “we used to pray to god everyday until we found out we were just talking to ourselves”. Then again, if they didn’t have a function, why would we still need going back to them? This client with Saint Michael and Kurukulla. Me with Baron Samedi. Who I talked about in my previous post and who I ended up going to during this reading, when I felt my own heart tightening and hurting, as if someone was squeezing it, asking him to help me fight what was bothering me. All it took was a cigarette and a glass of liquor for the Baron to do what I asked for.
And if we do go to the gods for intervention and protection, why shouldn’t they fight for us? We keep them alive with our prayers and our constant remindings. We look up to them for inspiration, elevating them and maybe, putting them on a pedestal. Maybe, for all their powers we should treat them as we treat ourselves. No more, no less… Or perhaps our own reflection at the mirror…

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