What I Took from my First Tarot Conference

And I’m back, after a small absence to purse other projects.

Following Miguel’s post about his presentation on tarot and cards (which you can find here, here and here), I wanted my post to be about my experience at a Tarot conference. You see, I never had attended one, and when the chance to go to one appeared, I was delighted and somewhat fearful. Besides Miguel, who probably knows me the longest, as a tarot reader, I haven’t had that much experience with other readers. And a conference seemed to me to be something quite advanced and alien. I was fearful I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the pace, or that people would be too closed, too mindful only of their work.

Anyway, The chance to attend one was there, and I took it. Looking back, I’m glad I did. The people were friendly and you could see that everyone went there to share experiences. To learn new things, but also to gently give their point of view. People there would welcome you and would be interested in your experience. Cards and decks would pass from hand to hand and readings would be made and reading techniques, explained. At the presentations, there would be something for all. From reading techniques to new ways to see and think the cards.
It proved to be a very nice experience. I got to learn some new things, but best of all, I got to learn about myself and where I currently stand in my reading practice. And that, I think, was what I truly came back with. A better notion of how my reading skills developed over time and what comes next.
And this is what I wanted to mention today. The possibility these events offer us to evaluate how we’re doing. I mean, when one takes a tarot course, it’s easy to evaluate ourselves. Our teacher will point out to us our strong points and weak points and will advice strategies so that we can evolve. But the tarot courses are a few weeks / months in duration and we quickly find ourselves thrown to the wolves. Our progress might not be so noticeable and there’s the possibility of permanence. Of crystallization in the familiar or the resurgence of past errors.
Talking to fellow readers, usually helps to keep things fresh, and the online groups are a nice way to interact with other readers and consciously evaluate how you are doing. As are advanced courses and workshops. But here I experienced something different: the possibility to discuss tarot  face-to-face. To go to the presenters, and even fellow participants, and to discuss tarot freely and personally. Without some of the noise one gets on tarot forums. Or the waiting times between one reply and another. I found myself listening to some of the presenters and thinking “Oh, I already knew this.” Or “What a nice idea! How can I transpose this into what I do?”. For the duration of the conference, I found myself constantly being confronted with what I knew, what I should have known by now, but still hadn’t worked it out, and what I didn’t knew. And this constant reminder, this continuous exercise was the best evaluation I could perform to myself and what ultimately, made this conference work so marvelously for me.

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