New Stories For Old Cards 1 – The Stone and the King

In each tarot card lies hidden a myriad of stories. You can see each tarot card as a frozen moment of the story, normally the climax. Sure, we can assign a list of keywords to each card.. an infinite list of keywords. And even so, we wouldn’t get near of the possibilities offered by a single story. Sometimes they can give us a radically different take on a card; other times, a different nuance. Stories can also change its meaning depending on who’s narrating them. So, with each story you can also get various points of view and how each character is affected. It is then useful to know a few stories for each card. Either from published/oral material or maybe we can invent a few ones, personal ones, in order to better understand and assimilate the card in front of us.
Many times, when reading a book, I end up finding information that I can use to better understand the tarot cards. Stories that inform my view on Suits, Cards, Themes, etc. In a way, most of my reading skills came from these stories and the information contained therein. As such, I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of these stories here at Maelstromtarot.

We start with a cute story that came out in Dave McKean’s Cages, a book about art, creativity, life and cats. This story starts with a stone placed on a map, signaling the exact place where a tower shall be built and goes on focussing on some aspects of the Tower card. I’ve already discussed some of the significance of the Tower card here. As you all know, the main story for this card comes from the Bible, more specifically from the Tower of Babel. And, while we usually take the main story beats from the Tower of Babel (man’s pride, the divine punishment, etc, etc), sometimes it is useful to look around us and see what exactly is this Tower we managed to erect affecting or how it relates to our environment and to those around us.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂


Cages_p418c Cages_p419c Cages_p420c Cages_p421c Cages_p422c Cages_p423c Cages_p424c Cages_p425c Cages_p426c Cages_p427c Cages_p428c Cages_p429c Cages_p430c Cages_p431c Cages_p432c Cages_p433c Cages_p434c Cages_p435c Cages_p436c

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